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Latest News

ShawtyNug w/ The Thor!

In the above images Shawty’s seen enjoying the glass attachment for portability, while also using the female attachment to rip from her water-pipe. Out of the box you have the glass attachment alo[...]

ShawtyNug & The Mini 2in1

We're joined with ShawtyNug as she smokes from the smallest pen in our collection, the Mini 2in1 by BoomVaporizer. For DryHerb&Wax, with it's micro designed chamber this pen is by the far the ea[...]

ShawtyNug & The W2 Complete Kit (Mica)

Once again we’re joined with the lovely ShawtyNug who’s enjoying the W2 complete pen from Yocan. The W2 with its glass bulb really shows off the aesthetic side of our vaporizers. With this complete ki[...]

ShawtyNug & The W1 Complete Kit (Ceramic)

Here we have ShawtyNug taking a much deserved smoke break with the W1 complete pen. For concentrates only, this portable vaporizer delivers the taste like no other pen before it. The same high you’ve [...]

ShawtyNug & The Discreet

We’re back again with our lovely reviewer ShawtyNug showing off The Discreet vaporizer pen from Boom. For those smokers on the go this pen is truly ideal for you. Quick to load, discreet in public, ov[...]