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Esquire Distribution Inc. is an innovator in the electric pen vaporizer industry. We are the creator of products that is popular in this market such as the M3, M3 win1, 94f, Ebob, Ebob 2in1, and the Vhit Boom. We are constantly pushing the limits in designing quality products that merge aesthetics with functionality.Esquire Distribution Inc. is also a wholesaler and distributor for the e-cigarette industry, with close ties with factories in China. In fact, we currently have a warehouse in china and a warehouse in California. Esquire Distribution Inc. believes that our success is dependent on helping your business grow; no matter what your business is looking for we can help.


Nero Technology Lab Results


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The attached file, done by Evans Analytical group based in Liverpool, New  York states that there is no detectable harmful gas being release besides Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Attached on page 7, contain the lists of element detected in parts per million.


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