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Official Boom Bullet Complete Set Instruction

The Bullet
Steps on packing: Dry Herb

1. Before packing assure the dry herb has been efficiently grinded, whole pieces do not burn well and make for uneven hits.

2. To begin packing remove the chamber by twisting counter-clockwise until the chamber and battery have separated.

3. Once the chamber has been removed add desired amount of dry herb into tank downwards. Due to the large chamber size repacking is less frequent.

4. After desired dry herb amount has been added insert the battery/coil into the chamber. Always insert battery/coil downward into chamber or contents will fall out.

5. With firm pressure slowly press down on the mouth piece with your thumb. You will feel the spring-loaded mouth piece push the dry herb down as to reach the coil to successfully burn. Do this after each use to stir the contents of chamber to assure consistent hits.

6. Now that the tank is full and correctly inserted into the battery/coil press down on the spring-loaded power button located at the bottom of the battery base. Make sure the mouth piece is facing upwards.

7. To assure the battery is properly in place remove threading base to confirm battery pin is properly adjusted to the correct height. Battery always goes negative side down into the battery chamber.

8. As long as the spring-loaded power button is being held down the coil will keep a consistent temperature.

9. The chamber has two small holes on both sides for airflow, once you see smoke rising from these holes begin to inhale.

10. Exhale at your own discretion for most comfort.

Steps on cleaning and care:

1. After each use it’s recommended that you clean the tank to avoid build up. There will be a noticeable loss of quality/ease in pull if the mouth piece and tank have not been properly cleaned.

2. Reload Mouth Piece/Chamber/Glass Case should all be able to be separated and cleaned.

3. You’ll want to begin with disassembling the tank into the 3 separate parts that make the tank. To clean the mouth piece start by removing the filter cap at the bottom of the mouth piece shaft.

4. Once the cap has been removed you will see 5 small magnets, take these out and you’ll have a clear passage to clean the mouth piece. With a cotton swab push through the mouth piece to assure the inside walls have no left-over resin. You should be able to clearly look through the mouth piece without any obstructions.

5. Also with a cotton swab rub along the inner walls and lower base of the inside of the tank and glass case to assure no resin or residue is left.

6. To clean the coil, carefully blow debris away or use a cotton swab to remove debris around the edges.

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Boom Bullet Complete Set

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