Boom E-bob 2in1

Boom Ebob 2 in 1 Instructions

Boom Ebob 2 in 1

BOOM E-Bob 2in1
Steps on packing: Wax

1. To begin packing first remove the chamber from the battery/coil by twisting counter-clockwise. (Important: Make sure the mouth piece is facing upwards when removing the chamber from the battery. If not upwards the contents within the glass chamber will leak through the mouth piece.)

2. Now that the chamber has been successfully separated set it safely to the side facing upright while you load the wax into the battery/coil.

3. With the dabber-spoon provided with the E-Bob, take the desired amount of wax and apply directly onto the coil.

4. This tank is compatible with all 510 Female-Threading input batteries.

5. Once the desired amount is applied take the chamber and carefully lower it over the coil back into place. Once in place twist clockwise to tighten and secure the chamber onto the battery/coil.

6. Now that the chamber has been secured onto the battery/coil, located on the front of the battery base is the power button. When pressed a white ring will indicate when the coil is in use around the button. Press and hold the power button until comfortable amount has been received.

7. There will be no smoke around the base to indicate when to begin to inhale. Once the button has been pressed begin to inhale immediately.

8. Exhale at your own discretion for most comfort.

9. If the hit becomes harsh fill the chamber with E-juice or Water to help alleviate the harshness. Add liquid by removing the chamber from the middle of the base and adding in a downward angle through the metal ring filter.

10. Only fill the bottom chamber until the liquid has reached the two air-flow holes within the chamber.

11. Once filled carefully screw the top half of the chamber back into place. When filled with liquid always make sure the mouth piece is facing upright. Liquid contents will leak out through mouth piece if not handled properly.

Steps on cleaning and care:

1. After each use it’s recommended that you clean the tank to avoid build up. There will be a noticeable loss of quality/ease in pull if the mouth piece and tank have not been properly cleaned.

2. You’ll want to begin with disassembling the tank into the 4 separate parts that make the chamber. Mouth Piece/Top-Chamber/Bottom Liquid Chamber/Coil.

3. The coil is screwed into the bottom of the liquid chamber. Simply unscrew clockwise to remove the coil for cleaning.

4. First begin with cleaning the mouth piece. With a cotton-swab push through the mouth piece opening, rub against the inside walls until cotton-swab comes back clean without resin.

5. Top-Chamber can be cleaned with a damp cloth or cotton-swab, this part of the chamber stays the cleanest and usually does not require much attention.

6. To clean the bottom liquid chamber begin by removing the metal ring filter. This filter ring will pop out with light force. With a cotton-swab wipe against the bottom and inner walls until all excess liquid has been removed. Once the chamber has been cleaned lower the metal ring filter back into place. Once in place screw top-chamber on clockwise to seal.

7. To clean the coil we suggest using the dab-spoon to scrape out and around the coil. Being careful to avoid the coil repeat this process until the coil no longer has build-up.

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Boom E bob 2 in 1

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