VHIT BOOM Plus Complete Set Instruction

VHIT Boom Plus Instructions

The new generation of dry vaporizer!


  1. Pull off the air valve
  2. Pack the tobacco into the metal tube
  3. Place the filter and ring on the metal tube to keep the tobacco inside, and connect all the parts.
  4. Press the power button 5 times, wait for the light to flash and stay white for 10 seconds as it start to pre-heat.
  5. When the LED light turns green, it is good to use. (if not use in the 5 seconds while the light is green, it will turn off the units.)
  6. For a stronger air flow, press the upper air control button for better vapor.

V-hit Boom is the new generation of vaporizer.  The unique patent design dry chamber will heat up to 440 F within 10 seconds, and remain heated for 5 seconds. It also has a air release design that will help create a “shotgun” effect when press the button.  The design of this new vaporizer is to mimic the “bong experience” without using  a lighter.

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