Seego and Boom Merger

Hello Everyone,

Its been awhile since we have update you guys on what is happening at Boom. We are proud to announce that Seego and Boom had merge. We have a couple of new products planned for the year that will once again revolutionize the industry. We have learned a lot from all our consumer and all your inputs are being incorporated into the new line.

For all current Seego consumer and wholesalers, there will be a new dedicated website that will launch in 12/14/2015 ( We thank you for your patience.

Boom Vaporizer Announcement: Hempcon Cup 2015 Vegas!


Hello again everyone,

BoomVaporizer will be returning to the lovely Las Vegas for Hempcon Cup this May 15th-17th weekend. Will be showing off all the brand new products with a full staff answering any questions you guys may have. Along with demonstrations will also be doing various giveaways for products, shirts, etc so stay tuned and see you all there!



Boom Vaporizer Announcement: High Times Cannabis Cup 2015 Denver!

Hello everyone!

BoomVaporizers will be in full force this year at High Times presents: Cannabis Cup 2015 in Denver. If you’re going make sure to stop by our booth to check out the latest and greatest BoomVaporizer products. This year we’re located right near the front entrance, you can’t miss us! Will also be doing giveaways, demonstrations, and shooting videos for our site all during the show.


New Design Choice for Boom Shirts!

Hello again everyone,
We’ve finally decided on a new design for our Boom shirts and wanted to show you guys what you’ll be looking forward to these upcoming tradeshows. Unfortuantely the previous designs did get scrapped but we feel confident this will be a crowd pleaser with it’s simple and straight forward message.
These will be available during the 4/20 weekend in Denver for the HighTimes CannabisCup. Will see you guys there, get them while supplies last!
– BoomVaporizer Team

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New Possible TShirt Designs from BoomVaporizer!

Hello everyone,
BoomVaporizers here and we need your help! We’ve been hard at work designing new Tshirts/Shorts/TankTops for upcoming tradeshows/giveaways and wanted to get your opinions on which ones you’d all want. Leave your suggestions below on which ones you’d like of each and maybe yours will be chosen to be printed for our next tradeshow, High Times in Denver this April 18th-22nd!
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BoomVaporizer/Dark Knight Brave Overview!

BoomVaporizer is proud to announce our newest partnership with Dark Knight, the creators of the Brave and Honor! We had the amazing opportunity to work with the Brave and here are just a few of the innovative things we’d like to mention for those who may not have heard.

Brave by Dark Knight is a portable true vaporizer for use with DryHerb. A full LCD display screen shows you temp control, power remaining, and a visual thermometer all while in use. With three buttons located just below the display screen you’re able to adjust temp, set the heat time, and turn off the unit while not being used.

Conveniently located at the bottom corner of the Brave is the heating chamber. Here you will pull back the corner to reveal a concealed half gram ceramic chamber with a rubber ribbing to protect the user from burns. Once the chamber has been filled you close it until secure. Just below that chamber you will notice a small circular screen, this is the Braves cooling screen allowing maximum air flow through the ceramic chamber to quickly cool the unit.

And finally to talk about the sleek and intuitive design. With the mouthpiece being adjustable an entire 90 degrees you can easily store it away at a moments notice. Being not much larger than your average cigarette box there’s very few places this won’t conveniently fit while on the go. Available soon through BoomVaporizer, please feel free to check us out on social media and keep updated!






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We’re heading to ASD 2015 Las Vegas, NV!

Hello guys!

We’re here to announce will be attending ASD this March 1st through the 4th! If you’re going make sure to stop by the Boom booth to say hi and get a demonstration on all our latest products. Booth & Convention information has been included below for your convenience. See ya there!

BoomVaporizer Booth# SL5337

ASD Show Dates & Times:

Sun, March 1st: 9:00 a.m – 6:00 p.m

Mon, March 2nd: 9:00 a.m – 6:00 p.m

Tue, March 3rd: 9:00 a.m – 6:00 p.m

Wed, March 4th: 9:00 a.m – 4:00 p.m

Hempcon San Jose, CA 2015


Hello everyone and wow has it been a busy few weeks for BoomVaporizer. We apologize for the massive lack of posting and will be playing catch up all day today and tomorrow! First tradeshow we hit was the fantastic Hempcon in San Jose, CA where we couldn’t have asked for a better turn out.

We’d like to thank everyone who had a chance to make it out and stop by the BoomBooth. Your support and constant feedback is what drives us to keep producing the most innovative products and to keep pushing that bar. And as if our weekend couldn’t get any better we also took home 1st place for “Best New Product”  for our Ultron Enail! If you want to see what all the fuss is about I went ahead and included the direct link below to order your very own.

Stay tuned for more updates as I’ll be posting pics from our recent tradeshows at TPC and Champs 2015 soon!

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Mini 2in1 w/ Hungrymermaid (Tumblr Blogger!)

Mini 2in1 by BoomVaporizer

Discreet, versatile, and absolutely powerful. The Mini 2in1 is our smallest most concealable DryHerb/Concentrate pen from our Boom line up. Marisa from Hungrymermaid got her hands on one and was gracious enough to share her thoughts and some pictures of the Mini 2in1 in action. As you can see from the size of the pen this will assist in keeping you out of trouble when smoking out there in the wild.

If you’d like one of these yourself the link has been included below to our direct site. Also included below is the link to The Vapor Report & Hungrymermaid so go follow for 420 news and Boom related posts constantly!

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Ultron by Yocan

Ultron by Yocan 

User-friendly is an understatement when it comes to the Ultron by Yocan. With an automatic power feature no power button’s required to ignite the dual coil. Simply inhale and watch as the Cap Indicator at the bottom of your battery begins to glow blue. While blue, the coil will ignite then cloudy white vapor will fill your water pipe until you’ve inhaled the desired dose of concentrate. The Ultron is by a wide margin the most portable E-Nail we’ve designed yet, in conjunction with the incredibly easy to clean chamber this E-Nail is great for experts or beginners just discovering concentrates. Also included is a universal male/female adapter for use on most standard water pipes.
Available online through, or you can check your local smoke shops for availability in your area. Also make sure to visit MayTheVaporBeWithYou.Com for constant updates regarding our newest products, conventions, and general news from Boom & Yocan.

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